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 Heart Pendant, Mixed Czech Glass Necklace/Earrings Set


Heart Pendant, Mixed Czech Glass Necklace SetBeautiful Necklace Set!A mix of Czech glass beads, fres..

African Vintage Resin and Brass Necklace Earring Set


African Vintage Resin and Brass Necklace Earring SetThis one of a kind antique necklace is a great p..

Black-White Necklace-Earrings Set


Black-White Necklace-Earrings SetThis necklace and earrings set is handmade using a mixture of black..

Blue Gray Agate Necklace Earring Set


Blue Gray Agate Necklace Earring SetThis beautiful necklace set is handmade with Agate beads accentu..

Blueberry Cloisonne Set

$84.99 $109.99

Blueberry Cloisonne Necklace-Earring SetSky blue necklace chuck full of varying shade of beautiful &..

Cafe Au Lait  Necklace-Earring Set

$84.99 $109.99

Cafe Au Lait  Necklace-Earring SetCafe Au Lait  Necklace-Earring Set: Mocha swirl, Antique..

Emerald Faceted Quartz Necklace Set


Emerald  Faceted Quartz Necklace SetLovely round necklace measures 19 inches long.Faceted green..

Kambaba Mix-Sherpa Green Necklace-Earring Set


Kambaba Mix-Sherpa Green Necklace-Earring SetBeautifully handcrafted necklace and earrings set usi..

Multicolor Handcrafted Murano Set


Multicolor Handcrafted Murano Necklace SetMulticolor Handcrafted Murano Neckace-Bracelet-Earring Set..

Natural Jasper Nugget Necklace Set


Natural Jasper Nugget Necklace Set.Handcrafted necklace with camouflage natural Jasper nugget and Ag..

Rose Quartz-Dalmatian Gemstone Set


Rose Quartz-Dalmatian Jasper Gemstone SetRose Quartz-Dalmatian Jasper Gemstone Necklace-Filigree Pen..

Turquoise & Pewter Silver Set


Turquoise & pewter silver neck/brace/ear setA blend of turquoise beads with pewter silver give..

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